July 4, 2017

Fashion: 8 Favourite Red Carpet Looks From the 2017 BET Awards

Hi everyone! It's your girl Keshia here :)

The 2017 BET award occurred last week and of course the red carpet was full of celebrities showcasing their fashion styles.

Here are my picks for my favourite fashion looks at the 2017 BET Award...

Men’s Fashion:
Here are my 3 favorite men’s fashion picks...

Demetrius Shipp Jr.’s burgundy suit was definitely a winner in my books. The colour and fit of the suit is perfect for the fall that showed his sophisticated side yet still masculine. Don’t be afraid of matching from head to toe gentlemen, especially with solid colours.

Mack Wilds’ attire went for a laid back, but classy that is different from his usual street style. Velvet shirt and velvet shoes with thin gold frames just tops of his whole look…Miami style.

Lastly, some of you may think the printed suit isn’t as striking, but it totally is. It shows his daring side when it comes to fashion. Come on, it’s Kofi. Regardless, his melanin skin overshadows anything he wears. 

Women's Fashion:

Sibley Scoles look was sleek, sexy and feminine. She is personal style inspiration of mine (hence her short hair). You can never go in a black dress with a slit.

Dasha Polanco all-white pantsuit was refreshing to see on the carpet. Her outfit looked like it was made for her. We see you Dasha!

Lastly, Latoya Luckett has been serving so much these days with floral prints and maxi dresses. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

Hottest couple/Fashion Duo on the carpet: 
Tank & Zena Foster

I am sucker for silk dresses which Zena showed off nicely with a hint of soft gold shoes and clutch. To top it off Tank matched his beautiful wife wearing a silk shirt, jeans and cheetah print boots?! One of my favorite couple looks on the carpet that’s for sure. What do you all think?

What do you all think? What was your favorite looks @betawards this year? 

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