April 28, 2017

#TGIF Afrofusion Vibes: 'Distance' Omarion

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Now that I am back from vacation I back with some great music vibes like I never left! I am really excited about this song that I am sharing with y'all today because it become my anthem song during my Dubai vacation. Also, though not an Afrobeat song, there is definitely an Afrobeat feel to it.

The TGIF Afrofusion vibes song this week is coming you from a surprising source, the one one only Omarion with his latest track 'Distance.' Yes...you read it correctly, Omarion! I definitely did not expect this either, but this track is fire and you cannot help but love it. I had not heard this track before going to Dubai, however I kept hearing the song in each club I went to and immediately loved its great dancing vibe. Therefore, I started to question, "who sings this song??? I need to find it!" Lo and behold it was by Omarion. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised, this is a great comeback song for him!

For the rest of my trip, this song was replayed multiple times each day, in the shower, when getting ready to head out, when riding in a car, everywhere! LOL

Check it out!

I can't stop dancing to this!! Are you feelin' this track as much as me?