April 4, 2017

Happy New Month! April Orange Feature on the Month

Happy April Everyone!!

We are now in the month of April and I am all here for the warmer weather, the flowers blooming and the increase in events in the city! April also brings the beginning of my travel binging lol! I'm so excited for my upcoming vacation in a couple weeks, y'all don't even understand! More details on that to come. :)

April also means a lot for The Afrofusion Spot blog as I have started to embark in on a few new ventures, this is the month were I will be working hard to fully develop and establish these new items. One of the latest things I have recently ventured into is my Afrofusion Spot Podcast. I'm having so much fun developing this, have had such great guests on the show so far and am very humbled by all the positive feedback I've been getting from listeners...

Therefore, the 'Orange Feature of the Month' is my cute orange podcasting microphone! As I researched what was needed to start a podcast, one of the most important items needed was a good condenser microphone to ensure good quality audio. As I searched for an affordable mic, I came across the Blue Snowball microphone brand and low and behold they had an orange mic!!! Ok, so I didn't just get it because of the colour lol...I actually check out the reviews on multiple sites and everything looked good. There is a range of colours that this micorphone comes in, with varying prices. There were cheaper versions of it, but I was ok paying a bit extra just to get the orange one. The delivery was quick and after testing it out, the sound quality was excellent! I have since ordered a second mic to allow me to record large group conversations for the podcast.

Check it out the most recent episode of the podcast and let me know what to think :)

Press play and enjoy!

Shop this microphone HERE.

There are many great things that I'll be up this Spring for the blog, so definitely stay tuned :)