November 13, 2016

Style Guide: Chic Daytime Fall Look

We are now well into the Fall season, however the weather is still surprisingly nice outside during the day. It is not as cold as it should be during this time of the year. Therefore, for this next fall lookbook, I'll be sharing a chic daytime fall look that is great for this cooler weather...

Skirts and crop tops are made usually best suited for the summer months, however one should not be afraid to also rock them during the Fall as well.

For this look, I went with a longer shirt that fell just over my knee and an striped cropped tank top. I'm not particularly a fan of over the knee length flared skirts, however I thought I'd give it a try as I have seen a few looks with it that I liked. In addition, I've had this skirt for a long time so it was about time I wore it out lol. I really like how the shirt ended up looking in this outfit as it created the simple chic look I was looking for.

Moreover, Fall is also a time that I love to rock hats. For this look I added a black wide brimmed hat. With my straight bangs hairstyle, a wide brimmed hat best complimented this hairstyle.

Skirt: Sirens / Top: Forever 21 / Hat: Forever 21

With the weather being a bit nice, I was ok with just my outfit while out. Once the sun started to go down and it got a bit more chilly I added a stylish navy blue short wool peacoat to my look. I opted for a shorter length jacket so as to not cover my skirt and also fell more in line with my crop top.

Moreover, in this look I also chose to rock a bright coloured bag. I always like to add a pop of colour to a simple or neutral toned look. This can easily be done through the use of coloured accessories. For footwear, I core a  pair of patent leather oxford shoes. Oxford shoes are also one of my fall faves to wear.

Jacket: Old Navy / Bag: Anne Klein / Shoes: H&M

Enjoying the night view

Close up
I definitely loved wearing this look out. The longer flared skirt style is slowly growing on me so will try to add a few more skirts in this length to my wardrobe

Stay tuned to the blog for my next fall lookbook :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!