October 24, 2016

Hairstyles: Straight Bang With Blonde Tips

Bang! Bang!

So, I switched up hairstyle again and this time thought to give straight bangs a try. I has been years since I last rocked straight bangs so I though why not! Also, I had a bit of short straight hair left that I've been wanting to use and finish up so took this as the perfect opportunity to do this style...

In the process of doing this hairstyle, I decided to something a bit different and add some colour to the style. I had a bit of blonde hair left from my previous hairstyle, so I added the remaining blond hair to the back to create the look of blonde tips. It did not take me too long to create this hairstyle, however the one tedious was cutting and shaping straight event bangs. That was a bit time consuming and you have to do it very carefully so as to not make a mistake. To do this I used scissors to but the length and a razer comb to shape it. To finish it off, I used a flat iron to style it.

Tip: A razer comb is a great tool to shape straight hair and create nice layers so as to not have blunt lines.

I think it came out quite nicely and also loved the look of the blond tips. Furthermore, I find that bangs frame my face very well and makes it look a bit slimmer. Therefore, if you are looking for a hairstyle to give that slimming effect, a straight bang bob will definitely do the job. The only downside to bangs is constantly having to fix it, especially when you are out in windy weather. However, all in all I'm loving this style and think I will do it more often.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!