August 10, 2016

Lookbook: Green Simplicity

During my recent trip to New York City, I picked up a cute pair of leather earrings at and African Street festival in Brooklyn. I have since been waiting for an opportunity to rock them.

The time finally came when I attended the Kuwala Style Bazaar last month. I always try to make sure I an include and Afrocentric piece to my outfit whenever I attend and African event. Now, I knew I wanted to wear the earring, no all that was left was to put an outfit together to compliment my fab earrings....

With hints of green in the earrings, I decided to put an ouftit together along those lines, while keeping it simple so my statement earrings could shine.

Check out my complete look...

The earrings :)
Top: H&M / Skirt: Forever 21
 In keeping thinks simple, I wore a green midi skirt and a Turquoise top.

When the wind won't let you be great lol
Bracelet: Winners / Watch: Winners
To compliment the green tones, I accessorized with gold jewelry.

Belt: Ardene
This gold chain belt with a tassel added a nice touch to dress up this simple look a bit.

Bag: Aldo / Shoes: Forever 21

To maintain the simplicity of this look, I chose to rock a neutral brown toned bag and shoe.

When you finally realize your earring is on the floor LOL!
It was a pretty windy day, so as was shooting and battling the wind my fab earring that I had assembled this whole outfit around fell off, but y'all know I still kept it together haha!

So remember, when it all falls down, pick yourself right back up and keep it moving.

Have a wonderful day everyone!