August 10, 2016

Real Talk: Is it Really Going Down in the DMs?

Ok, so real talk...

Is it really going down in the DMs?

So, the infamous DM' slide in or not to slide in, that is the question...

Now, we all know that men openly slide into females DM's. It its a common occurrence and not a big deal for most as men are usually the chasers and the one to make the first approach. But, its 2016 ya'll, so men don't have to always be the one to make the first move. So what about the ladies? Are y'all sliding into the DM's as well?...

Therefore, I would like to tackle this topic is from the female point of view of sliding into a man's DM's and the Male point of view of how they would receive this DM. I asked a few people about this and had some interesting responses.

Generally, it seems females are not about that life. It is viewed that a female DMing a guy is being thirsty or one may fear putting themself out there and being rejected. A few females also express that they didn't want to make the man feel too nice by DMing. From my conversations with guys about this, interestingly, they were all very open and welcome the idea of women DMing them. They did not view it negatively and said they would also reply.

As for me, I don't think it should be a big deal for a girl to DM a guy. I think it is fine for a women to be bold and make the first move, and you will be surprised to find that most men will like this boldness. DMing does not necessarily mean laying out your interest upfront, it could be as simple as making contact and starting a conversation. Sitting around and waiting for a guy to make the first move may cause you to lose out. So, I say go ahead, be bold and slide into the DM of that guy you've had your eye on lol. Well, I'm just keeping it real!

So, real talk, is it going down in your DM's ;)