May 26, 2016

Events: Dark & Stormy Hip Hop Colouring Night

Hip Hop + colouring = Fun times!

Recently, a friend invited me to come along with her to check out an event she had randomly come across that looked like fun. It was a Hip Hop Colouring Night held at the Harlem Underground restaurant located at 745 Queen St. W. As someone who is always looking to try new things, and can rarely say no to a night out, I was down to attend and check it out with her lol...

Upon arrival, we were welcomed to the sounds of oldschool hip hop being played by the inhouse DJ, which created a very nice vibe in the space. At our table, we were provided with a varied selection of Hip Hip icons drawings to choose from as well as coloring supplies. Among the options, there was Bun B, Drake, Biggie etc. So when it come down to selecting one, of course I has to go with biggie in honour of him being my best friends favourite rapper. However, has I began to colour, I realized that my choice was also the most intricate drawing which meant it was gonna take me much longer to colour everything thing in compared to the other simpler options. Nevertheless, I was up for the challenge!

As we coloured away and vibed to the music,we also enjoyed a delicious meal of Harlem Underground's popular Chicken & Waffles dish.

Being the perfectionist that I am, and also wanting to make my picture looked a bit more creative, I took my time with my colouring to make sure I didn't miss any spots. This of course led me to be the last one to finish my picture, whereas my friends were able to complete colouring two different drawings lol. In the end, I was very proud and happy with how my colouring came out. I think I did Biggie justice, don't you think? Although, my friends weren't really feeling the fact that I have Biggie orange hair though LOL! This is my creative 2016 interpretation of Biggie haha!

Who knew the combination of Hip Hop and colouring could be so much fun! It was all in all a great night and a fun new activity.

Y'all should definitely look out for the next edition of this event at the Harlem Underground Restaurant. Check them out on their website HERE.