May 25, 2016

Events: BlackFoodie & Supafrik Presents 'Jollof Wars'

This never ending debate is about to be put to the challenge, and you can be the judge!

Jollof rice for many West African countries a staple dish loved my a majority of the population. This love for Jollof by many has led to the long standing debate over which country is the originator of Jollof as well as which country makes the best Jollof. Discussions on the topic almost always lead to a very heated debate pinning one country against another as each debater passionately defends their countries' Jollof rice as the best. This can ultimately be best described as a 'Jollof War.'

Well, we might now be able to finally put this debate to rest!...

BlackFoodie & Supafrik presents: 'Jollof Wars' A West African Saga

It’s a battle as old as time, an epic debate for the highly contested title...which African nation has the best Jollof rice? Join us as the top West African chefs in Toronto go head to head to represent their country's finest version of Jollof. Your taste buds will travel the continent with Black Foodie and Supafrik as we present Toronto’s first ever Jollof Wars. 

Who will come away with the prized title? Is it Ghana? Nigeria? Senegal? Get ready to cast your vote/fork with us! 

Prepare to Eat, Drink and Dance as you sample the best in Jollof Rice from local African chefs. 

...and the best part is YOU are the JUDGE!!

Also, there will be special Giveaways by Supafrik and BlackFoodie

When: Sunday, May 29, 2016
Where: Somewhere in Toronto, Queen West Area (location will be emailed to ticket holders)
Time: 3:30pm - 7:00pm (4:00pm - Food Battle; 5:00pm Afrobeat Dance Party)
Price: $25 (includes food & entrance)
Music: DJ Revy B
*NOTE: In order to ensure adequate food and drinks and minimize wastage, the majority of tickets will be sold in advance. Cash bar only.

Get your Tickets now before the sell out!! 

Find out more info on the BlackFoodie HERE
Find out more info about Supafrik HERE

Good luck to those participating in the battle!

Let's just say, I got my money on a country starting with the letter 'G' winning hehehe!! :)