March 10, 2016

Events: K-Swiss Shoes Re-Launch Event

Throwback to a fun event I attended back in December.

Do y'all remember the brand K-Swiss shoes? My memory of the brand is it being one of the hottest brand of sneakers ans sports shoes back in the early 2000's. I used to have a pair of the traditional all white K-Swiss shoes back in the day. Well, now K-Swiss is back and better than ever!

In celebration of their recent redesign of their shoes, K-Swiss Canada held a brand re-lauch event at Bunda Lounge. I had the opportunity to attend this event along with my friend Nikki, who is an all around sneaker lover. Shoes are my thing but I personally am not too much into sneakers, however, I do keep a few pairs for when I want to rock a more causal urban look. I had a second event to go to that night so I was a bit overdress, but I didn't mind lol...

The night was filled with displays of cool K-Swiss kicks and cool vibes. Myself and Nikki made our rounds to check all the shoes on display. Diverging from their standard all white shoe, we found a more colourful collection of K-Swiss shoes. I love colored footwear, so I was definitely feelin' this new look. In addition, there was a variety of low-cut, high tops, platforms, thick soles and thin soled styles.

Also on display were shoes from the brand Pulladim, which consisted of both sneakers and boots.

Event Host
During the event, there was also a DJ on deck spinning some great old school hip hop jams which definitely enhances the vibe.

Attendees also enjoyed some live performances from talented break dancers, as well as a very vibrant performance from a djembe drum player.

While browsing the shoes and enjoying the performances, we enjoyed some nice drinks and the delicious h'orderves being served.

In addition, we got a chance to sample the Black Fly drink brand, which offers mixed alcohol coolers. I tried the pink flavour which I believe was a grapefruit flavour. Soooo good!

Nikki met a fellow sneaker head rocking similar red kicks
Sneaker Twinsies lol!
Raffle Prizes
As part of the event, there was all a raffle with free shoe giveaways. They had a large selection of both K-Swiss and Pulladium shoes to be given away.

...and Miss Nikki was a winner!!! She chose an all black pair of Pulladium boots.

Our prize shoes
....and soon after I won the raffle too!!! I decided to pick the same pair Nikki got so we could be shoe twinsies too! they were also combat boots which is a I shoe style that I definitely love :)

Cape, Skirt, Shoes, Necklace: Charlotte Russe / Watch: Movado
We had a a really great time at this event and were excited to have won a new pair of shoes.

So, of course y'all know I wanted to rock my new boots as soon as possible. Thus, I few days later I put this casual look together to compliment these combat boots.

Thanks K-Swiss & Pullaium!

Check out the full collection of shoes from K-Swiss shoes HERE and Pulladium shoes HERE.