November 15, 2015

Beauty: Get 'Beat by Banda' Make-up Look

Face beat to the gaawwddsss thanks to Beat by Banda!

Recently, I was honoured to be a bridesmaid for my good friends wedding. Of course, in preparing for the wedding day we all had our make-up done by make up artists. Our make-up artists for the big day were Beat by Banda which is comprised of a beautiful team of 4 sisters Chimwemwe, Mthunzi, Salima & Onani from Zambia and based in Maryland. I am usually very simple with my makeup so it's always nice to get dolled up and get your make-up done by a make-up artist from time to time....

It had been a very long time since I have had my make-up done by an artist (back in my fashion show event days in university) and even then, I was not that impressed by the work done as not all make-up artist know how to work with darker skin tones. They had me out there looking like a ghost lol! Therefore, I was very excited to see the results of the work done by the Beat by Banda team. Now, when I tell you everything was on fleek, I mean everything was on FLEEK! Eyebrows on fleek, smokey eyes on fleek, lashes on fleek and even contour on fleek, lol. I absolutely loved my final look and felt they did a great job matching my complexion. The most amazing part is that all these ladies are self taught. A big thank you to the Beat by Banda ladies for making us all look stunning for the brides special day.

You too can get the Beat by Banda look! Check out a great Beat by Banda make-up tutorial from their Youtube channel:

More of my beat face make-up look... 

So, if you are ever in the Maryland area, definitely get in touch with the ladies of Beat by Banda!

To get in contact with them and also see more of their work and tutorials, check out their pages:
Instagram: @beatbybanda4
Facebook: HERE
Youtube: HERE