November 13, 2015

Real Talk: Would You Be in a Long Distance Relationship?

Ok so real talk...

Would you be in a long distance relationship?

As for me, the answer is NO, No & no...

Long distance relationships are just not for me. This doesn't mean I'm trying to see the person I'm dating like everyday, but there is just comfort in knowing your partner is easily accessible so you can easily see them whenever you want to.

The only time I think a long distance relationship would ever even slightly be considered is if you've already been dating the person for a long while and then one person has to move for work or school or for whatever particular reason. Even then, it would have to be a very serious relationship and the move would have to be temporary. If not, then once one person moves, the relationship is over, plain and simple. A relationship that is long distance right from the beginning is just not ideal.

It is generally viewed that long distance relationships are extremely hard to maintain and most likely to fail. Issues of trust, infidelity, or loneliness usually come in to play in these types of relationships. For any hope of success there must be complete trust between both partners and the ability to accept being apart from eachother for long periods of time. Everyone is just not built for that, I know I definitely am not.

Although I've seen many unsuccessful long distance relationships, I've have also seen a number of very successful long distance relationships, so it is possible. But I for one ain't got time for that lol. I'm just keeping it real!

So real talk...what are your thoughts?