September 14, 2015

Happy September! Orange Feature of the Month

Hey my AFS peeps!

I know, I know...I've been MIA for the last few weeks :(  Sorry y'all!

So, I was away for the last bit celebrating my Birthday in Vegas , and yes I will have a travel diary post up soon to cover all my Vegas adventures, stay tuned. You can currently see some of my Vegas activities on Instagram @theafrofusionspot . Since I've been back, I've been out and about a lot doing a bit more of Bday celebrations and trying to get the last bit of my summer enjoyment LOL.

Now I'm back! And I'll try not to stay away for too long like that again.

Summer is official over so I'll be in hibernation mode...but no worries I will still be bringing you lots of great style, music, lifestyle, travel and Real Talk goodness for you to enjoy :)

Happy September everyone, and for now check out the Orange feature of the Month!...

This month, the orange feature of the month is a interior design item. I came across this cute orange leather couch in a small coffee shop while at the Beaches Jazz Street Festival. Of course I was drawn to it right away because of the colour. Coloured furniture pieces are great when looking to add a bold feature to your interior design look. I would definitely add a bold orange chair or sofa if I ever plan to re-design my place.