July 9, 2015

Fashion Feature: South Sudanese Models Killin' it in the Fashion World

Nykhor Paul
Happy Independence Day to South Sudan! So, in celebration of their independence, I'd like to also celebrate the huge waves Southern Sudanese models are making within the fashion world. 

A few days ago, top South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul went to her Instagram to vent about her frustration with racism within the fashion industry.

See what she said and also check out some of the top South Sudanese models killin' it in the fashion game...

Here is what Nykhor expressed on her Instagram:
"Dear white people in the fashion world!
Please don’t take this the wrong way but it’s time you people get your shit right when it comes to our complexion! Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional show when all the other white girls don’t have to do anything but show up WTF! Don’t try to make me feel bad because I am blue black its 2015 go to Mac, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, Iman cosmetic, black opal, even LancĂ´me and Clinique carried them plus so much more. There’s so much options our there for dark skin tones today. A good makeup artist would come prepare and do there research before coming to work because often time you know what to expect especially at a show! Stop apologizing it’s insulting and disrespectful to me and my race it doesn’t help, seriously! Make an effort at least! That goes for NYC, London, Milan, Paris and Cape Town plus everywhere else that have issues with black skin tones. Just because you only book a few of us doesn’t mean you have the right to make us look ratchet. I’m tired of complaining about not getting book as a black model and I’m definitely super tired of apologizing for my blackness!!!! Fashion is art, art is never racist it should be inclusive of all not only white people, shit we started fashion in Africa and you modernize and copy it! Why can’t we be part of fashion fully and equally?"

It's unfortunate that these sorts of things continue to occur. However, this definitely does not deter models of colour as they continue to work hard, become successful, break barriers, as well as strive for more acceptance and greatness within the fashion world. 

Top South Sudanese models:

Alek Wek

Ajak Deng


Ataui Deng


Grace Bol


Nykhor Paul


All so beautiful! #myblackisbeautiful

Credit: Haute Fashion Africa; Instagram