July 10, 2015

Real Talk: How Often Do You Speak To Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend On the Phone?

Ok, so real talk...

Seriously...I mean SERIOUSLY...How much is too much? I've always wondered and never understood how some can sit on the phone the whole day, like literally the whole day talking to their significant other on the phone. I mean, literally having full on conversations on the the phone with their partner multiples times within the day, every single day. What are y'all really talking about tho LOL!

Ok, now lets be serious. Of course when you are in a relationship you are going...

to keep in regular contact with your boo, especially if you do not live together. However, to talk to your partner on the phone more than 3 times in a day I think its too much. I mean, it's alright to talk to your boo everyday, but once a day, or maybe twice MAX is enough talking for a day. Of course, a few texts here and there within the day is fine also, but to sit and have a full conversation with your man or girl in the morning, again in the afternoon, again in the evening, again in the night and again at whatever time in between is seriously overdoing it.

I know of a couple who will be on the phone basically 24/7. They will even still be on the phone with eachother while doing other things and not be speaking, but just know that they are on the line with eachother in case one feels to say something or to start up a new conversation. Whhhyyy? Why not just hang up the phone and call back when your done doing what you are doing? Why sit on the line and listen to dead air? I don't get it but I guess works for them. 

There are other couples I know that call and talk to eachother multiples times within a day with every move they make. Whhhyyy? Again, I don't get it but I guess it works for them.

Some say its different when your in love or if its a long distance relationship, but I really don't think that matters. Isn't there other things to do than to sit and talk to eachother all day? It there not some work you could be doing or a book you could be reading, or even some laundry you could be doing? LOL! A couple of texts and one conversation in the afternoon or in the evening after your done work and settled in at home is more than enough communication for a day.

Nevertheless, these are all beautiful couples with strong bonds; I love their love for eachother, its so cute (BTW, y'all need to hurry up and do your weddings ohhh lol) But, I will never understand this 24/7 or 10 times a day phone life. Some have said 'G you don't understand because you've never been in love or had a long distance relationship' but honestly, I doubt if my views will change even if I were to be in either of those situations. I guess I ain`t bout dat life. *Shoulder Shrug* Oh well, I'm just keepin' it real!

So, Real Talk, what are your thoughts on this?