June 19, 2015

Interior Design: Decorating Your Space Using Accent Colour Pieces

Accent couch pillows
I'm very much into Interior Design and home decor. I one point I was watching the home channel everyday for hours and going to home furnishing stores a couple times a week to look for cool pieces. 

This was especially the case when I was first moving into my condo.When preparing to design and decorate a space, one must always start with choosing a colour scheme. Therefore, within my design process the first thing I did was choose my color scheme which helped to guide me in focusing on what to look for when shopping. At this point, you will also decide if you would like to implement an accent colour or to just stick with a general colour theme. In my opinion, I would strongly suggest having an accent colour if you plan using mainly neutral colour in your design scheme. I find that its always great to have a pop of colour to balance out a neutral colour scheme. 

So, I'm sure by now you can guess what accent colour I chose...ORANGE! LOL! Now, one thing you have to do when working with an accent colour is to not over do it. This can be especially hair when it is your favourite colour. I took me months to shop for everything as I'm pretty particular when designing. It was hard to find nice orange items, and even harder to find different items that were the same or similar shade of orange. The struggle was REAL y'all. In addition, I'm the type of shopper that has to look everywhere first to see whats available and weigh out my options, then decide which items I like and then go back to each place I found the items to purchase them. This definitely makes the design process much longer, but that's just me and something I'm willing to do to make everything look perfect.

So after months and months of shopping, I was able to assemble a nice collection of orange home decor pieces to accent my neutral grey & white colour scheme. A majority of the pieces were purchased from Winners, Homesense and The Bay.

Here are examples of how decorated my living room and kitchen with orange accent pieces:
Accent magazine holder
Accent wallart
Accent kitchen oven mitts

Accent decorative branches

Thought this was so cute and unique when a found it, so got it and put it as an accent piece in my kitchen ;)
What would be your accent colour?