June 13, 2015

Feelin it or Nah?: Ankara Afrocentric Prom Look

I absolutely love this! Meet Kyemah McEntyre who designed and wore this beautiful ankara dashiki dress to her prom. Kyemah and his dress have been trending for the last couple of days on social media as may have praised her for not going the 'traditional' prom dress route and instead choosing to proudly wear an Afrocentric gown and look. She definitely killed it!

Kyemah-Mcentyre-prom-dress-fashionghana (1)

Kyemah-Mcentyre-prom-dress-fashionghana (1)
...wish I had done something like this for my prom. I'm definitelty feelin' it! 

So, you feelin it or nah?

Credit: @mindofkye