June 13, 2015

Real Talk: Women are Expired after the age 30 and too old for Marriage?

Ok, so Real Talk...

This is what one of my uncle's said to me in his usual attempt to find if I'm dating anyone and when I'm going to get married...I was like huh? According to him, a women's only chance to get married is in her 20's because men like their wives to be young, therefore once you're over the age of 30 you're expired and no man will want you...seriously got to be kidding me??? I totally disagree with this...

I believe that women should not rush into marriage and are still able and capable of getting married at any adult age, whether it be 22, 32 or 62. Those who rush and marry someone they don't even really love most likely end up miserable or divorced. I'm definitely NOT bout dat life! This had me thinking about females I've encountered that actually believe this and are desperate to get married before the age 30. Some women even go to the extent of having marriages arranged for them with men they don't even really know. Well, I'm definitely not worried and in no rush for marriage, y'all will get an invite to my wedding when I'm 40 hahaha! I'm just keepin' it real!

So Real talk, what are your thoughts on this?