September 17, 2015

Feature: Kenyan Beauty Lupita Nyong'o Covers Vogue October Fall Issue,w_1640/2015/09/16/lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-10.jpg 
Slaaaayyyyy!!! I just can't get enough of Lupita!

Lupita is looking stunning as she cover the October Fall issue of Vogue Magazine. This is her second time covering Vogue. Inside she shares some insight into her fashion, fame, family and her new acting projects. Also included is a full editorial spread of Lupita sampling fall couture collections.

Check out all the fabulousity of her editorial spread....,w_1640/2015/09/16/lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-01.jpg,w_1640/2015/09/16/lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-02.jpg,w_1640/2015/09/16/lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-09.jpg,w_1640/2015/09/16/lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-05.jpg,w_1640/2015/09/16/lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-08.jpg,w_1640/2015/09/16/lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-07.jpg

Credit: Vogue


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