July 4, 2020

TRAVEL: Travel Tuesdays Talks With Miss G

So...are airports open for international travel yet?? 🧐 LOL! The Rona has killed my travel vibes so all I have been able to to do reminisce on my past trips.

Y'all know I love to share my travel adventures with you, but it's usually hard to keep up with posting while having fun & enjoying my travel experience. So, I'll be sharing throwbacks to my past trips, like this trip to Amsterdam last year that I just realized I've never shared anything about it at all on here lol...

It was quite the adventure y'all, from exploring the Red Light District, to cruising on the many canals, to deciding whether to try the 'space cake' or not lol. Stay tuned to find out if I did.

I have a lot of fun travel stories, adventures and experiences to share and would love to also hear your crazy, funny and insightful travel stories as well! So, I will be starting a Travel Tuesday Talks segment on the blog to share some of my travel stories and also give y'all the opportunity to share some of yours as well. As part of this, I will be sharing a new travel post on Tuesdays and also holding Instagram live chats on Tuesdays to further discuss travel topics as well as share stories.

Email me or DM me on Instagram your travel stories (will keep submissions anonymous). Also, feel free to submit any travel questions you may have, I will share them to help you get advice & suggestions. I'm super excited, this should be fun!!