January 27, 2020

MUSIC: Congratulations to Angélique Kidjo on Her 2020 Grammy Award

The 2020 edition of the Grammy Awards went down last night and it was a star studded event. One category in particular that most Africans were looking forward to was the Award for Best World Music Album. This was mainly due to the nomination of Nigerian artist and the African Giant himself, Burna Boy. Having an mainstream Afrobeats artist nominated for a Grammy award is a major feat that brings about much excitement in the Afrobeats community. Also nominated was the legendary Benin artist Angélique Kidjo. She is not stranger to the Grammy's, as she has already 3 Grammy awards under her belt. This made her a formidable opponent against Burna Boy in the category.

I just love her!
Last night the Grammy was awarded and the winner was...Angélique! This comes as no surprise as she is a true African music legend. During her acceptance speech, Angélique graciously dedicated it to Burna Boy and also praised the great work and musical contributions he has been making to put African music on the map. I absolutely love her for that. It is great to see legends recognize and appreciate the work of younger rising artists.

Congratulations to Angelique on her 4th Grammy Award!

...On a side note, I really think its about time that they give Afrobeats is own category in these Award shows! What do you think?