November 5, 2018

Men's Fashion: Ozwald Boateng 2018 'AFRICANISM' Collection

Celebrated British-Ghanaian tailor Ozwald earlier this year release his latest collection, 'AFRICANISM' which was unveiled at Arise Fashion Week. In this collection, Boateng creates an African aesthetic but in a modern way, which embodies African luxury celebrating rich African culture. Interestingly, though traditionally a menswear designer, this particular collection was made genderless thus suitable for all the sexes to wear. The collection mixed traditional English fabrics with traditional Ghanaian Kente fabric.

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Learn more about Ozwald Boateng and his 'AFRICANISM' collection on his website

Photography: Jamie Morgan
Styling: Artcomesfirst
Hats: Laird Hatters
Scarves: Rumisu