October 25, 2018

Style: Wedding Chic Fascinators

When in doubt, add a chic Fascinator!

This summer I attended a few weddings and was event a bridesmaid it one of them. Now that wedding season is for the most part now over, let's take a look back at one of my favourite wedding style accessories, Fascinators!...

Fascinators are super chic head pieces and are a great accessory to wear when attending formal event, like a wedding. They add a wow factor to your outfit and definitely have you stand out in a crown. They come in all shapes, colours, sizes and designs. Because they are so intricately designed, I prefer to style colourful ones with a neutral toned outfit and vice versa.

Here is a look at a couple fabulous Alpha Couture Fascinators I spotted during this wedding season worn by sisters Victress & Emelia. Absolutely love them!!!

Fascinators: Alpha Couture
I have worn a Fascinator a few times to a wedding, however they are not only limited to formal events. I have also styled my Fascinator a chic accessory for my African Fashion Brunch event outfit.

Fascinators are fun accessories, so don't be afraid to play around with different ways of styling it!

Which Fascinator you feelin' the most?