August 23, 2018

Events: ZHURI Mag 'A Seat at the Table' Event Recap

I couple months ago I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the ZHURI Magazine 'A Seat at the Table' Fashion Networking Brunch Event. It was a lovely afternoon surrounded by so many African creatives, designers and influencers. During the event, attendees were treated to a brunch buffet while listening to a panel discussion of leading creatives and influencers within the Toronto African fashion industry. Hearing each person on the panel speak about their work and their journey developing it was quite inspiring.

Furthermore, the event also served the purpose of officially introducing Zhuri Magazine to the public. Anita Ehui, founder of ZHURI Magazine, shared with us her vision and inspiration for the magazine and well as the content readers should expect. In addition, the Yomi Adefala of Yomi Styling was officially announced as the Editor-in-chief.

Here is a look at my time at the event...

Founder Anita Ehui
Keshia Charles attended with me as well
Host Golden Narrative


The discussion panel consisted of the following speakers:

Nana Bediako - Fashion Designer; Tailor
Bismark Adomako - Fashion Stylist; Creative Director; Influencer
Nezariel Scott - Digital Content Producer
Yaw Tony - Visual Artist
Isaac Ansah - Entrepreneur; Fashion Branding & Marketing
Yomi Adefala - Fashion Stylist

Nana Bediako
Bismark Adomako
Nezariel Scott
Yaw Tony
Isaac Ansah
Yomi Adefala

~ZHURI Magazine Editor-in-Chief~


Present at the event was also a number of vendors selling various products and services.



Breanna Chanelle
African Royalty

 ~Guests in Attendance~


During the event, attendees also network with others. This was great as I met and networked with so many dope creatives.

Thanks so much for having me! Super excited for the first issue of ZHURI Magazine to Launch.

Learn more about ZHURI Mag on the Instagram page & website.

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