June 21, 2018

Feature: New ZHURI Magazine Introducing African Luxury to the Global Market

ZHURI Magazine is a new African Luxury Fashion Magazine in town, and we are here for it!

I recently got the chance to connect with the founder of ZHURI Magazine, Anita Ehui, and learned a bit about her vision behind developing the magazine and what kind of content we should expect within the magazine. I'm glad to see more platforms being developed to contribute to the increased global reach and expansion of African fashion intentionally. There are many high-end luxury African fashion brands that produce high quality pieces that are on par with or even surpass that of many mainstream international luxury brands. More people need to know about these brands. Therefore, I am also excited to see that ZHURI Magazine with focus on luxury African fashion brands, designers and creators, as it is an area of African fashion that definitely needs more exposure.

Continue to learn more about ZHURI Magazine and the vision behind it...

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Anita Ehui and I'm the Founder/Publisher of ZHURI Magazine. I've been working in fashion and have been an entrepreneur since I was 18. I started an online boutique in 2009 through a government funded program called Summer Company, which was such a fun and enlightening experience. After I received my first degree from Carleton University, I moved to Ghana for a year. There I worked for a magazine named 'GoWoman,' as well as interned for House of Cramer where I worked closely with stylist Afua Rida. My time in Ghana really helped me decide what I wanted to do with my career. When I came back to Canada, I moved to Toronto to work for ELLE Canada, then for Saks and later on for Flare. I recently finished my post grad in Magazine and Website Publishing from Ryerson University and work as an Assistant Buyer. ZHURI Magazine is my passion project which I aim to grow into a large scaled company.

Tell us a bit about ZHURI Magazine; What inspired you to start it?
ZHURI is the first interactive print magazine setting the standards for creators and consumers of luxury African fashion, beauty and travel using augmented reality. By bridging the gap from offline to online, we’ve designed the perfect way to introduce African luxury to the global market. Directly defining –what it looks like, where it comes from and where to buy it.

Living in Ghana for a year really helped me take time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I graduated with a Honours Degree in Political Science but knew that wasn't for me. There were so many amazing fashion brands and concepts in Accra that inspired me. The execution and grandiose of some brands like Glitz Africa, Christie Brown and Duaba Serwaa stirred ambition in me to start my own venture. We need a competitive platform where African luxury consumers can find African luxury merchandise.

What kind of content should readers expect?
Readers should expect to have a really interactive experience with our magazine. High fashion editorials, exclusive lookbooks, influential contributors and rich media advertisements. We are really taking our time to ensure each issue feels like a luxe collector's item that you don't want to put down.

What role does African fashion play in ZHURI Magazine?
African fashion is the heart of the magazine. We're focused on brands with superb craftsmanship, branding and distribution. Although it is great that African fashion is trending our aim is to showcase the brands paving the way. African fashion goes beyond tribal prints - cultural story telling is an aspect that we will focus on in the magazine.

What are your goals and aspirations for ZHURI Magazine?
My primary goal for ZHURI Magazine is to create a global reference for people to understand how rich African craftsmanship, travel and beauty are. I want to see our magazine on newsstands beside Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar and do just as well as them. Its important for us to compel Africans to support other Africans just as much as they do other ethnicities.

When will the first edition be launched and where & how can readers purchase it?
This will be announcing this at our upcoming event 'A Seat @ the Table' on June 23rd. In the mean time, we also encourage everyone to sign up on our website to be notified of the magazine's launch as well.

Thanks so much to Anita for taking the time to share with us her vision for ZHURI Magazine. I definitely can't wait for the first edition to launch!

I am also super excited to be attending the ZHURI Magazine A Seat @ the Table Fashion Networking Brunch event on June 23rd. The is an event you don't want to miss!!

To purchase tickets to attend this event, please visit their Eventbrite page HERE. During the event, attendees will learn more about ZHURI Magazine while enjoying a delicious brunch, will hear from a number of esteemed speakers in the Fashion industry, and also have the chance to network.

See you there :)

Photo Source: ZhuriMag