April 17, 2018

Feelin' It Or Nah: Patapaa's Suit at the 2018 Ghana Music Awards

Over the weekend the 2018 Ghana Music Awards was held in Accra and all of the Ghanaian entertainment industry were in attendance. I will be sharing my favourite red carpet fashion looks in a bit, but first let's have a look at my boy Patapaa.

The 'One Corner' artist's outfit has been trending on social media all weekend, as many have been giving their two cents on his choice of outfit for the event. For the most part, most are not feelin' his suit and it has essentially become the butt of a lot of jokes and funny memes online. Therefore, thought it would be best to start of my coverage of this event by putting Patapaa's now infamous outfit out for all our afrofuisoners to have a crack at.

So...you feelin's it or nah? Comment below to let us know, and also vote now in our Instagram Stories!...

As for me...I'm actually feelin' it! Y'all better leave my boo alone! It's bad enough he didn't win the Song of the Year award, which he deserved. Let the man and his suit live! LOL