November 1, 2017

Miss G: An Evening at Bisha Hotel & Kost Restaurant

As a lover of a rooftop patio vibe and also frequenting the few ones present in the city, once a I heard that a new rooftop spot had opened in town, I was immediately eager to check it out.

Located just down the street from the Rogers Centre, Bisha hotel recently opened at the end of the summer. It's arrival has added to the number of luxury hotels located in the downtown Toronto core. In addition to its luxury profile, their rooftop patio with its close-up view of the CN tower and waterfront has been a major feature drawing people to visit it.

Here is a look at my evening checking out Bisha hotel and its Rootfop restauarant Kost...

Since first initial visit, I think within 2 weeks I have visited Bisha like 4 times! Each visit was a mixture of being on the rooftop patio of lobby lounge. There was the first visit with a friend for drinks in the lobby lounge, another visit for dinner in the rooftop restaurant Kost. Following that I went to the rooftop patio for a business meeting and lastly attended the lobby lounge for a friends birthday celebration. I know, I know, that is a lot right!

Fist of all, the interior design of the hotel is absolutly beautiful! I especially love the black & white design aesthetic of the lobby and the unique touch of plush velvet walls.

Chicken Skewer with salsa Rroja & charred pineapple relish
This is a big contrast to the interior design of the rooftop restaurant Kost, which has a more light and bright design theme. When I first visited Kost, the menu for the restaurant was not online yet, so was not sure what to expect. Once I was able to review it, I saw that they had a smaller menu which consisted of more appetizer type food items. Their main dishes seems to be their selection of skewered meats and seafood.

During my visits I have tried the chicken Skewer and the fried calamari. The pineapple relish added a nice touch to the chicken skewer and the fried calamari was delish, though I wish it came with a white dipping sauce which is what I'm used to. When it came to the drinks, I tried the white sangria cocktail which was really good.

Fried Calamari with avacado crema & lime
Beautiful view of CN Tower
While there, I of course checked out the outdoor potio area of Kost's rooftop and the view is breathtaking! It especially looked beautiful as the sun was setting. The rooftop pool looks pretty cool as well.

In assition, I also checked out the Bisha lobby lounge and it also has a very nice vibe. The dimmed lighting, dope wall art and roaring fireplace provides a nice lounge atmosphere. The lobby lounge also serves food and actually offers a more well rounded menu consisting of appetizer and full meals.

Rooftop pool
All in all, Bisha seems like a cool new spot to go to for evening drinks. I'm interested to see how the vibe will be once the summer comes back around next year. Will it be the new rooftop hot spot in the city? I guess we'll just have to and see!

Have you visited Bisha hotel yet? Did you check out their rooftop patio and Kost restaurant? Share your comment below.