October 25, 2017

Art: Artist Benny Bing

In addition to the many dope black local designers, there are also many dope black local artist and creatives out here that we would also like to feature and share with y'all here on The Afrofusion Spot.

One of these notable and very talented artists is Benny Bing, a self-taught Toronto base artist of Nigerian descent. His beautiful portrait paintings are so creative and unique, no wonder he has been able to establish a great brand and large following in a short amount of time...

Over the last few years years, he has showcased his art at a number of high profile exhibitions locally as well as internationally and has also been commission to produce customized artwork for international celebrities. His artwork can also be seen on display in a few buildings in downtown Toronto.



Here is a look at one of his pieces on display during this years My African Corner's Afropreneur Social event and the attendees that became the happy new owners of this masterpiece.


Big up's to Benny and his amazing art! I'm coming soon to get my own custom portrait done! :)

To see more of Benny's artwork, visit his website www.bennybing.com
You can also check him out on Instagram @bennybing

Support local artists y'all!