October 7, 2016

Real Talk: So You Caught the Bouquet...Now What?

 Ok so real talk,

Does catching the bouquet at a wedding really matter?

I recently attended a friend's wedding and guess who caught the bouquet...ME! Does that mean I'm getting married soon? I think NOT...

Now, let's just be clear, I am definitely not one of those type of ladies that are desperate to get married. Marriage is the farthest thing on my mind quite frankly. However, I always find it fun to participate in the bouquet tossing at a wedding. I always go up during that part of the wedding, maybe it's because I can't help it but get up and dance whenever Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' song comes on lol.

So I go up and all the ladies begin to anticipate the bouquet being tossed. I'm just up there dancing away while at the same time scoping out how eager the other ladies are and how intensely they are watching the movement of the bouquet in the brides hands. I have a little chuckle whenever I spot someone a bit too eager. And then the toss...

What I was really thinking lol
So, this time around I didn't even really reach for it. However, lo and behold, the girl in front of me tried to catch it, it slipped over the tip of her fingers and fell right in front of me. Since it was right there, I simply bent down and picked it up. Yaayyy I'm getting married!! Well, not really lol. Afterwards, of course a few friends came to me to excitingly let me know that this means I'm next to get married. Even a few aunties came to me to say I need you find my husband ASAP. However, in response I was like, this doesn't really meaning anything. This was followed by a few awkward moments when guys approached to try to chat me up. I definitely do not buy into this superstition. I caught the bouquet last year at another friend's wedding as well and nothing has happened. It's really not that serious, I see it more as a nice souvenir from the wedding.

On the other hand, some ladies take this way more seriously and some a bit too seriously. We have all seen videos online of ladies jumping over eachother and fighting to have the coveted bouquet. I have also witnessed this behaviour in person at a wedding. Whenever I see this, all I can do is shake my head. However, I guess some are more superstitious than other and truly hold on to the belief that catching the bouquet is the intimate sign that there partner is going to propose to them, or that they will finally meet the man of their dreams. As they say, to each their own. Maybe this is the sign they have been praying for or just the encouragement they needed to put themselves out there more to catch bae.

Imagine if your partner did this tho! LOL!!
But you know me, I'm just keeping it real! Ain't no bouquet biiihhhhhh! LOL!

So real talk, what are your thoughts?