September 14, 2016

Fashion: Glitz Style Awards 2016 Red Carpet Styles

This past weekend the 2016 Glitz Style Awards was held in Accra, Ghana at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel. This glamorous event recognized and celebrated those making big moved and setting trends within the Ghanaian fashion and entertainment industry.

The many guests in attendance did not disappoint as they came decked out in their best fashions and showcased their unique personal styles.

Check out some of the fabulous and unique styles from the red carpet..

My Faves:

The slayage here is too real!! No wonder she won 'Best Dressed Celebrity on the Red Carpet.' Ghanaian actress Nana Akua Addo wins best dressed hands down! This swarovski encrusted gown is an absolute stunner and definitely was the centre of attending at the event. It has since been trending all over social media as well.

My second fave is this cute outfit worn by fashion blogger Hayet Rida. I love the colourfulness of it and the fringe detail. I need this outfit in my closet asap!

Glam! The colour is everything!

This look is simple yet so on point! I love that she chose to do something different and rock a suit. I'm all about women in menswear. Very chic!

Lovin' the uniqueness of this look

Being as it's the Glitz Style awards, of course many ladies came glammed up in glitzy, blinged out and sparkling gowns.

Lovin' this look

Very regal


African print fashions ere also represented at the event, which I was really glad to see.

Loving the cut-out details
Lovin' this African print Jumpsuit!

Keeping it Simple:

Some of the ladies in attendance choose to keep t simple with their looks. As they say, sometimes less is more.

Love this look

Unique Standout Looks:

Now here is when the fashion styles get a bit more interesting. These looks were not quite my faves, however they definitely stood out.

Men's Style:

The men of the night were looking very dapper. This first pic is my fave look from the men in attendace. I'm feeling his purple coloured pants & vest paired with an African print shirt as well as the hat. I find this a but more fun and interesting than the usual tailored suit look.

Fave Men's look
Lovin' the unique wooden bowtie


Double Looks:


Group Swagg:
Fun candid moments

Elegance & Sophistication
Squad Goals
List of Award winners:
Most Stylish Movie Star of the Year – Zynnell Zuh
Most Stylish TV Presenter – Berla Mundi
Red Carpet Designer of the Year – Sima Brew
Best Dressed Celebrity on the Red Carpet – Nana Akua Addo
Fashion Icon of the Year– Rev. Dr Joyce Aryee
Best Individual Style – Manifest
Model of the Year – Victoria Michaels
Stylist of the Year – Kelvin Vincent
Fashion Photographer of the Year – Gilbert Asante
Fashion blogger of the Year– Afua Rida
Most Stylish Business Executive– Nathan Kwabena Adisi  (Bola Ray)
Emerging designer of the Year – House of PAON
Most Stylish Radio Personality – Berla Mundi
Most stylish Music Artiste of the Year – Efya

Designer of the year – Charlotte Prive

Such style overload at this event! I'd love to attend next year and represent for the Afrofusion Spot! :)

Source: Ameyaw Debrah