June 29, 2016

Events: Face of African Fashion Week Toronto 2016 Recap

As African Fashion Week Toronto (AFWT) 2016 quickly approaches, it's that time again to search for a new model to be the face of AFWT. Last years winner Djamila Syalla had a great run as the Face of AFWT 2015, as she brought great elegance and sophistication to the runway, therefore I was excited to see who would be the next fabulous model to take on this high profile role.
This was all decided a few months ago at the 2016 Face of AFWT event, which took place at Remix Lounge. A group of fabulous women of all shapes, sizes and background ripped the runway and battled it out to win the coveted title of the Face of African Fashion Week 2016.

 Check out my time at the event and how it all went down...

The event was hosted by Delecia & Mesha of '2 Divas & a Mic' as well included a panel of judges to assess each model and select the new Face of AFWT 2016. In addition, attendees were entertained with musical performances and also received the chance to win great prize giveaways. During the event, models were made to walk the runway in 3 different looks: a Neutral White T & Denim look, a swimsuit look, and a look representing their personal style.

Delecia & Mesha of '2 Divas & a Mic'
Look #1: White T & Denim


Look #2: Swimsuit

Look #3: Personal Style


Musical performance:

Goodies! :)

Desserts by 'Pursuit of Sweetness'
Of course, I indulged in some of the sweet treats available for attendees to enjoy. I loved that some were customized with a Kente print topping and also the AFWT logo. Everything was delicious!

Y'all know I couldn't just take one LOL! ;)
Ok, now back to the competition! And the winner is...

Miss. Frances Sesay! Congratulations on becoming the Face of African Fashion Week Toronto 2016!

Face of AFWT 2016, Frances Sesay
You can see Frances strut her stuff in fabulous African fashions at the 2016 African Fashion Week Toronto which will be going down August 18th to August 21th at the Design Exchange.

You definitely do not want to miss this event! Tickets are now available HERE!

Also, get more info in this event from their online pages:
Website - HERE
Facebook - HERE 
Instagram - HERE

Stay tuned for more coverage on the upcoming 2016 AFWT.

I will also be sharing a few throwback posts to finish up my coverage of last years event.

Look out for it! :)