December 4, 2015

Real Talk: Would You Give Your Man/Girl Access to Your Cellphone?

Ok, so real talk...

Would you give your man/girl access to your cellphone? More specifically, would  you let them know the password to you phone and let them use it freely?...

Ummm....I would say it depends on how serious the relationship is. If we are just in the regular dating faze then hell-to-the-naawww, you are not getting my phone. However, once the relationship becomes serious and it is clear that each person is committed to the relationship, then I guess there should be no problem with you providing your partner with access to your phone. In this case you would trust eachother, so there shouldn't be anything to hide right?

On the other hand, when you are in a serious relationship each person should still be able to maintain some sort of privacy. I'll let you use my phone once in a while when necessary, but not to be used all the time or to be searched through it to see the call history, messages, pics etc. That's a bit much and shows that there is no trust. Although I can say I've been guilty of looking through a guys phone before, it wasn't anything serious so I get a pass lol. C'mon what girl hasn't?? Haha!

If your partner is always hiding their phone from you when they are using it, then that's a big red flag. Some people won't even give their phone to their man/girl to make a simple phone call. They're are probably like, better go find a pay phone boo LOL! So, if their phone battery dies and they need to make an important phone call, your seriously not gonna let them use your phone? Really though? Moreover, if they actually do give you their phone to use, they'll still hide the phone when they are entering the password and will be ready to grab it from you once you're done making the call. If this is the case, then you need to seriously re-evaluate that relationship. Well, I'm just keeping it real!

So real talk, what are your thoughts?