December 2, 2015

Events: The Afrofusion Spot's African Fashion Lovers African Print Brunch, Fall Edition

I few weeks ago, I held the first edition of the AfroFusion Spot's African Fashion Lovers African Print Brunch, which as attended by a group of fabulous ladies showcasing their wonderful afrocentic style. During brunch, which was held at Hunters Landing restaurant in downtown Toronto, we enjoyed a delicious meal while discussing our love for African fashion. We also discussed the growing presence of African fashion internationally, and how great it would be to increase the everyday presence of African fashion within Toronto.

See more of our experience at brunch...

The fabulous brunch attendees.

The wonderful African fashions worn to brunch.

Mudcloth Twins! :)
Enjoying our delicious meals.

Of course, gotta take a food pick before you eat it lol!

Cheers to a fabulous African Print Brunch!
Had such a great time brunching and getting to know these ladies! I also loved all the fabulous Afrocentric fashions they wore.

If you are based in Toronto and love to rock African fashions, join us! For more info on this meetup group and to find out about our next event, check out the group page HERE.