December 10, 2015

Food: Royal Caribbean Cafe

Got together recently with some of my friends to have dinner and catch up. When trying to decide on a restaurant, we wanted to stay away from the usual downtown spots and instead dine somewhere uptown. One of my friend suggested the Royal Caribbean restaurant on St, Claire West. I had been to this restaurant once before and really enjoyed my mean. Ever since, I had been meaning to come back to check out more of their items on the menu, so this dinner presented the perfect opportunity for me to do just that...

I was the first to arrive, so I had time to fully browse the menu while I waited for my friends. I always take so long to decide what I want to order whenever I'm in a restaurant, so this was time much needed lol. The Royal Caribbean Cafe offers a great variety of Caribbean cuisine options at very decent prices.

I absolutely love the interior design and decor in the restaurant. It has a very welcoming feel and definitely reflects a beachy Caribbean ambiance. All in all, a very nice, modern and vibrant look.
And, of course the peachy/orange colour scheme looked very appealing to me as well lol.

I also ordered a glass of wine while I waited, and was provided with a nice glass full which was great.

After my friends arrived an we exchanged our usually greeting, laughs and also indulged in funny chatter, we settled down and ordered a variety of items on the menu.


We started off with sharing two appetizers and cocktails. The appetizers were a great serving size to share among the 3 of us. Moreover, the Rum Punch was so tasty, I could have drank it all day! I also really liked the presentation of the Codfish Fritters.

Codfish Fritters and Rum Punch drink
Fried Plantain
Main Dishes:

For our main dishes, we each ordered something different. All main dished came with salad and a choice of Rice & Peas or White Rice. You could also substitute the rice for other choices which one of my friends did by substituting it with Bami. The portion sizes of our meals did not disappoint. The food was very filling and was absolutely delicious. I also liked that it was not too heavy but rather a nice balance of rice, salad and meat/seafood.

Red Snapper, White Rice and Salad
Curry Shimp, Bami Bread and Salad
Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas with Salad
With the girls :)
 Delicious food, Great service, Affordable prices, Great people, Good times!

If you are event in the St. Claire West area, definitely check out the Royal Caribbean Cafe located at 1127 St. Claire Ave West.

You can also check them out on their facebook page HERE.

Thanks for having us Royal Caribbean, we shall definitely be back! :)