October 1, 2015

Happy New Month! October Orange Feature of the Month

Happy new month everyone!...See, I'm on time with it this month LOL :)

October is extra special for the colour orange, as the Fall season is in full swing. There is also the whole Halloween thing, but that is not a very chic representation of orange LOL. The orange feature of the months is this beautiful orange jewelry box.

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I love accessories, particularly jewelry!

Over the years I can accumulated so much jewelry that I continuously have to purchase more jewelry boxes to store all my jewelry. In seeing that jewelry was becoming overcrowded in their current storage, I started to shop around for a new addition to my collection of jewelry storage. While at Homesense, I was extremely excited to came across this cute orange storage item. I saw that it would work perfectly as a jewelry box, so purchased it right away.

See how I organize some of my favourite jewelry pieces into this jewelry box in an upcoming post...