October 15, 2015

Food: Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

I have been craving Ethiopian food for the longest time as it had been a while since a last ate some, so I finally came around to feeding this craving by visiting the Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant in downtown Toronto. This is one of my favourite Ethiopian restaurants in the city and luckily for me its located not too far from my house...

So my roomie & I ventured out to Sheba on one of our randam spur of the moment food outings lol.

After taking our time to browse the menu, we decided to order a mixture of chicken, meat and veggies. Me being the meat lover that I am, I chose the Cha Cha Tibs (Lamb) which came in a sizzling plate and also the Doro Wot (Stewed Chicken). My roomie chose the Sheba Meat & Veggi Combo as well as the Dora Tibs (Sauteed Chicken). Within the combo, she chose Kifto for the meat and for veggies she chose Miser Wot (Lentils), Gomen Wot (Collard Greens), and Kik Wot (Peas). Although this was a lot of food, we were so hungry we believed we could handle it...

Although it was a bit of a long wait, it was well worth it. Everything was fresh and delicious! It looked so good when it came out that I couldn't resist and took a quick bite before taking a pic LOL. With everything being such a good portion size, we couldn't finish it all even though we tried because everything was so good.

So if you are ever feeling for some good Ethiopian food downtown, definitely check out Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant located at 418 College St. :)