July 22, 2015

Design Ideas: Soup For Two Please...

I just love shopping for home decor and houseware items. Homesense, Winners and Marshalls are my go to spots when the urge arises. I can't go a week without going to one of these stores to browse for some new houseware or home decor items! I just picked up a a few new pieces of dinnerware items from Homesense and Marshalls and couldn't wait to use some of the items to create a cute summer table setting idea to share with you all. I've also incorporated some items I recently purchases from Anthropologie as well as (believe it or not) Dollarama!

Unfortunately, my place is not large enough for a full size dining table, so I always try to think of creative ways to set my narrow bar height dining table, which can comfortably seat 2 - 4 people. Seeing as we are well into the summer, thought it would be perfect to create a fun summer themed table setting perfect for a simple soup lunch or dinner for two...

Table Runner: Marshalls
The base this table setting consists of a neutral tone woven vinyl table runner. When using brighter coloured placemats or dinnerware, it is best to have a neutral colour for your table runner.

Placemats: Homesense / Flat Plates: Homesense
The next item in this look are the round woven orange placemats. This bright colour bring a nice contrast to the neutral table runner and also gives off a nice summer vibe. On top of the placemat is a medium round white flat plate with a wide orange rim. This plate will work as a base for the bowl to be places on top.

Bowls: Anthropologie
On top of the flat plate, I've places an African print inspired bowl from Anthropologies Habari collection. I'm was so in love with the collection that I got the whole set (I'll show more of the collection in a future post). This hand painted bowl adds a colourful design dimension to the table setting, while also adding an nice Afrocentric touch. This bowl is a perfect size for indulging in some delicious soup.

Water Goblets: Dollarama / Spoons: Dollarama
Next, I've added to the table setting a water goblet and a white soup spoon

Napkins: Anthropologie / Long Deep Oval Plate: Dollarama
To complete this look, I've added cloth dinner napkins with colourful trim matching the bowl, as well as placed a long white deep oval plate in the center. This plate is perfect for plating some appetizers to compliment your soup or to arrange additional ingredients to add to your soup. And...for those eating a soup with meat in it, this center plate is also perfect for disposing the bones LOL.

Voila! Your summer table setting is complete. Now you can enjoy a nice afternoon munching on some savory Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Pho soup or enjoy and evening sipping on some hot Ghanaian light soup.