June 5, 2015

Hairstyles: *Trying Somthing New* Coloured Hair

Lovin' my red hair look...it looks a bit purple here though lol
So for those who know me, I definitely do not like to use colour in my hair. I generally stick to black and dark brown hair, well colou 1, 1b, 2 to be exact lol. The rare occasions that I have used a bit of colour, its always blended in with black/dark brown hair just to give a slight hint of colour highlights. However, in the last year I've decided to try something new and experiment more with colour in my hair. So far, I'm actually starting to like having coloured hair. Especially loving this red I got right now, its giving me life!!
Check out more of my coloured hair look...

I bit of Blond
Full Blond

Hints of red highlights

Not sure what colour to try next...