March 13, 2019

TRAVEL: Is Solo Travel the New Wave?

Would you go on vacation solo?

In the last few years, it seems like the Solo travel wave has really grown. In the last few years I have seen a number of friends go on solo trips and share great experiences. In addition, I have been following more and more solo travel bloggers who have made solo travel look even more enticing.  From the looks of it, it seems like such a refreshing experience that also really challenges you to put yourself out there. As I am already a pretty outgoing person and have no trouble meeting new people when I travel, you would think I would have done a solo trip by now, however I haven't. Although, I do prefer the comfort of having someone with me when I travel, I have been considering doing a solo trip for a while but just can't seem to decide where...

There is a also a lot more planning that is needed when it comes to solo travel as well as safety precautions that one must consider as you would be by yourself. However, I would think the feeling of being by yourself would short lives the sooner you meet people and buddy up with them to explore the city or country you are visiting. Fellow blogger Simply Eseeri, who is an avid solo traveler, has shared some great solo travel tips with us in the past.

I think it's about time I really go over them and prepare for a so trip! Where y'all this I should go? What are some great solo travel destinations?

What are your thoughts on Solo travel. Would you do it or have your already done a solo trip? Comment below and let us know!