February 1, 2019

REAL TALK: What Are Your Dating Pet Peeves

TGIF!!! It's Friday, so it time for Real Talk!

Ok so Real Talk, What are your Dating Pet Peeves??

The struggle is real when it comes to dating, however the struggle becomes even more real when you discover that your potential bae is exhibiting some pet peevish behavior....

For myself, I can say one of the biggest pet peeves is a guy constantly being on his phone while we are out or hanging out. Soooo annoying!!!! I know we all love our phones and cannot live without it, however I believe one should make a conscious effort to focus their attention the person they are spending time with in that moment. I mean, I make an effort to refrain from using my phone so there should be the common respect of the guy doing the same, right? There have been instances of it being so bad that I felt the urge to physically grab the phone out of their hands. Throw the whole phone away! LOL!

So, Real Talk what are your dating pet peeves? Comment Below and let us know!

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