October 11, 2018

Miss G: My DIY Beyonce Inspired Spiked Crown

Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a great day so far.

I recently held the annual Afrofusion African Fashion Brunch and loved every bit of all the beautiful African fashions attendees wore. Leading up to the event as I thought of what I would wear, I know I wanted to wear something every unique, after all the whole point of the event is to showcase your unique African fashion style. Therefore, as I pondered what kind of look I wanted to go for, one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to wear another headpiece...

At last years Fashion Brunch event, I work a cute fascinator hat. This time around, I wanted another head piece but not necessarily another fascinator style. So, I got my creative juices flowing and thought, why not create my own headpiece! I am generally a very creative and crafty person as I have been a fashion as well as jewelry designer in the past. I am also a very hands on do-it-youself type of person, therefore the thought of embarking on a DIY headpiece project was exciting! I have actually been wanting to start doing some DIY content to share on the blog, so this definitely presented the perfect opportunity.

For my headpiece, the main style that came to mind that I thought would provide a good 'wow factor' was to created some sort of crown. This made me think immediately of the spiked gold crown Beyonce wore during her performance at the 2017 Grammy awards, which also made reference to the Yoruba Oshun Goddess. Thus, this became my crown inspiration.
Credit; Suzi Ovens
Now that the style was decided, next was figuring how the hell to make similar version lol. So, I went to the one source that always comes in clutch when trying find tutorials on how to do something, YouTube! Good ol' Youtube :)

After a quick search, I was able to a few great video tutorial with different options of materials to use. Some used wood kebab sticks to create spikes, some used craft piping to make the sticks and some used, believe it or not, zip ties. In deciding which option what be the simplest and fasted to do, I opted to use zip ties. Off I went to my fave store, Dollarama, to get all my supplied (zip ties, flowers, and headband) and then when to Walmart to get the remaining tools (glue gun & gold spray paint)

All together, I think I spend just under $25 for all the supplies. The spray paint and the glue gun cost the most, however were were to just consider the pieces used in the crown, all together its a would just be around $6.

Once I got all my supplies, I began to put everything together. Started by tying and gluing the zip ties onto the headband, then spray painting everything gold, left it to dry overnight, then finally glued on the red roses. Et volia! My spiked crown was ready to be worn and slayed at the Afrofusion Brunch. I paired it with a beige African print skirt with red rose details (which I sewed the morning of the Brunch) to match.

This look was a bit hit and I got a lot of compliments on the uniqueness and fabulousness of my crown. Many also inquired about how I made it, therfore I'm now thinking I should record a DIY tutorial video of how I made in on the Afrofusion Spot YouTube channel. What you you think, should I? If you have not subscribed to our channel yet, make sure to suscribe now and be the first to see this video tutorial when it's posted! :)

Furthermore, I still have a lot of left over supplied to make a few more crowns, so if you want me to make one for you holla! ;)