January 28, 2018

Real Talk: First Dates: Who Should Pay & Deal Breakers

We back at it! Here is the first edition of Real Talk for 2018 :)

Ok, so Real Talk...who should pay for a first date and what are first date deal breakers?

As we all know, first dates are a critical moment in ones dating life. First dates are where you get your real first impression of your potential bae and also were things may occur that will make or break their chances for a second date, such as ones appearance, actions and character. On this week's Real Talk episode, the Enterprising Diva herself Miss Wezi joined me in the spot to discuss this topic. We has a very candid chat sharing our thoughts, first date experiences and also horror stories LOL! Trust me, we kept it all types of real on this one! We also had an impromptu male perspective join the conversations, guess who...

Press play and listen up!