June 14, 2017

Interior Design: Warm Colours to Heat up the Mild Spring Weather

Hi Afrofusioners! Jenny here with some tips on adding warm Spring colours to your living space. 

Mother Nature is becoming really selective on the days she decides to maintain her weather choices. Her inconsistencies have not only affected our moods, but the need of redesigning our spaces to correlate with the season. Spring cleaning allows us to do more than just remove the clutter we’ve built up from the winter stress. It allows us flexibility in steering away from the all-knowing domestic design ideas, to more innovating, and entertaining decor...

Expressions via color coordination, furniture, character material and texture, are qualities that enhance our moods as well as our living arenas. Heating up our spaces in terms of contemporary design, involves a mixture of both bold and bare colours. Bare does not solely equate to coldness as it is it being fused with colours that connote heat. It could be sunny like Africa in your living room when rain droplets tap on your window. At often times, the one note colour scheme for style and appeal, in this case yellow, can rejuvenate your living arena for the better. Accent colors can provide definition and a rhythmic ambiance.

Therefore, to enliven your arena and invite the spring season into your home, apply bold warm colors as an accent colour to lighten even the most uncomfortable living spaces. Include printed pattern pillows, throws and rugs, wall art as well as African statutes representing the mother land, to enjoy the fruits of our labour from our roots. 

What other warm colours would you use to heat up your space design?

~Jenny~ @rationalrebel_
Thanks for reading! Until next time...

Photo Credit: Kuda Photography