May 24, 2017

Spotted!: 12 African Fashion Streetstyle Looks


As I have been out and about these last few months, I has spotted many beautiful African fashions. I always get excited when I see people rocking African Fashion out to events and as everyday streetwear. This exhibits that our community is embracing African fashion more and more and are becoming more comfortable showcasing their Afrocentric style to the general public. I just love seeing this!

Check out some of the wonderful African fashion Streetstyles I've recently spotted!...

 Spotted African Fashion Full Outfits:

~@preciousthreadsbyabiola~ Dress: @preciousthreadsbyabiola / Necklace: @jewelryforslae17                        ~@celestinestyle~ Jumpsuit: @preciousthreadsbyabiola / Necklace: @jewelryforslae17
~@theprdiva~ Dress: Ofuure
~@pensivepradox~ Top & Pants: Custom made in Sierra Leone
Spotted African Fashion Skirts:

~@amshina~ Skirt: Amshina / Necklace: East African designer
Spotted African Fashion Tops:

~@preciousthreadsbyabiola~ Top: @preciousthreadsbyabiola / Headwrap: @preciousthreadsbyabiola
~@tellees_boutique~ Top: Custom made in Gambia
~@shirlony~ Top: Custom made
~@germarcelle~ Blazer: Anicha Fashion in Cote d'Ivoire
Spotted African Fashion Menswear:

~@mrkoffi~ Shirt: Custom made in Ghana
Spotted African Fashion Accessories:

~@esiya_lookonday~ Necklace: From Kenya
~@designsbyyaa~ Necklace: @designsbyyaa
~@binzi09~ Necklace: @miimi_cole
Which style do you like the best?

Let's continue to promote African fashion as its ability to be included in ones everyday style. So, next time you are thinking of something to wear out, bring out the African fashion piece you have been meaning to wear.

Also, keep a look out the next time you are out rocking your African fashions, you may be spotted next! :)