March 4, 2016

Real Talk: Men Dating Women That Are More Successful Than Them

This one is for the fellas! real talk,

Would you be comfortable dating a woman that is more successful than you in her career? Are you ok with your girl making more money than you?

Now this is a topic that always gets heating whenever it has come up in a conversation...

90% of the time, I find that a man says no to this question. Deep down, I think the other 10% who claim to be ok with their woman possibly making more than them are just in denial lol. A man can may seem cool with the idea, however if they were ever to find themselves in this situation, I'm sure they'll definitely feel some type of way. I think this sentiment is even stronger when in the beginning of a relationship the man is making more, and then at some point things change and the woman begins to earn more. Most men I think prefer that they make more money than their partner as men are ideally viewed to be the breadwinner and take care of their woman. For them, they feel like less of a man if their woman is more successful or makes more money. This generally leads a stressful power struggle within a relationship, where there is the sentiment that the woman is trying to be in control and be the 'man' in the relationship. Furthermore, some women may even throw it in their man's face when problems arise that they make more, which hurts their male ego. As a result, some men seem to shy away from successful independent women. I think the only exception to this rule are men that specifically seek out women with a higher financial capacity than them to assume the role of their 'Sugar Mama' lol.

I say what's the big deal! It's 2016 y'all. We don't have to stick to old school relationship norms. Ones success should be celebrated. Men shouldn't feel bad if their woman makes more, just like I woman shouldn't care if their man makes less....

Ok wait, I think I need to revisit this from the other angle lol. Ladies, are you ok dating a man that makes less than you?? I will share my view on this is the next real talk post, and I'm definitely gonna keep it real! So, stay tuned to the blog next week for the continuation of this topic from the female point of view.

So real talk...what are your thoughts?