August 21, 2015

Real Talk: Women Proposing to Their Man...Progression or Desperation?

Ok, so Real Talk...

Is it ok for a woman to propose to her man? Do you see it as a sign of progression or desperation?

So, in relation to my previous post on comedic video of a woman proposing to her man, which you can see HERE, let's talk seriously about this topic. The idea of this has generally been frowned upon in society. When it comes to many African cultures, for the most part this would be unthinkable. However, in recent times, there have been some women that have been bold enough to take that step and propose to their man...

This act and the idea of a woman proposing to her man comes with mixed feeling and opinions. Some view it as embarrassing and a sign of desperation, while other view it as the progression of women and the role of women in society. In addition, this also begs the question of how a man would react if their girl proposed to them. Some may say this will bring a higher risk of rejection, since a man is most likely not ready to get married if they haven't proposed yet.

It is generally believed that woman aim to get married and are ready for marriage much earlier then men. Consequently, some women become faced with the struggle of dating a man for many years and waiting to be proposed to, but nothing happens. The struggle is definitely real for some LOL. Some wait over 5 or 10 years for that coveted proposal. So why not take matters into your own hands and propose to your man? It's better you find out if your man is ready to commit to your relationship rather than wasting precious time waiting for him to finally become ready propose. Moreover, what ends up happening if you never get that proposal?

So, I say yes! C'mon its 2015, girl go ahead an propose to your man! There shouldn't be any problem with a woman proposing. I'm just keeping it real!

...Wait, just a quick thought...So if a woman proposes to her man and he accepts, does that mean she must pay the dowry as well? Umm...I don't know about that, we'll leave that discussion for another day LOL. real talk, what are your thoughts?