August 8, 2015

Real Talk: When is the Right Time for Your Child to Meet Your New Partner?
Ok, so real talk...

How soon is too soon?

There is currently a lot of controversy about singer Ciara having her son Future Jr. around her new boyfriend, football player Russell Wilson. We've seen images of him pushing baby future in his stroller and also recent images of Russell interacting with him and hugging at his football training camp. All over social media people have been weighing in giving their opinion on whether it is too soon and whether it's right or wrong for Russell to be around baby Future so early in his relationship Ciara. The the child's father, rapper Future, has also openly expressed his displeasure with Russell being so close to his son...

Ok, so I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I think its up to an individual to decide when they want to introduce their child to their new partner. Of course, I believe it is best to start having your child around a new partner once the relationship has become serious, however how can you judge how serious someone's relationship is from the outside looking in??? There are people who meet and after a month they are serious and then get married a few months later. It is very possible to connect and be serious with someone new very quickly. On the other hand, there are people who date for over a year or two and are still not that serious. Also, even if one is not so serious in a relationship early on, maybe having their child round their new partner early is a way to test out how their child reacts to them and see if they are able to connect with the child. This will also show you if your new partner is ready and willing to take on the responsibility of being a part of both you and your child's life. Thus, providing you with the assurance you need in oder to proceed to the next level of your relationship and become serious with your new partner.

Yes, I understand that fact that you do not want to run the risk of your child getting attached to a new partner only for the relationship to end soon after they have built a relationship. However, I feel like you run this risk regardless of the timeline. You can have a child and date someone for years and still end up breaking up. I respect any man or woman who is willing to take on a new relationship with a partner who has a child and be open to building a relationship with that child. That is a lot to take on and it can be very difficult. It's already hard finding a partner that will date someone with a child, ain't nobody want no baby mama or baby daddy drama! So, if your partner is open to meeting and building a relationship with your child so early on, I think that is something to be happy about, especially if the father or mother of that child is not so involved in the child's life.

Ultimately, I say to each their own. I'm just keeping in real!

So real talk, what do you think?